Throughout history gold has been a highly-valued commodity. During the Gold Rush, many people left families, some devoting their entire lives to the pursuit of it. God is a treasure far more precious than all the wealth on Earth, but unlike gold, He is not hard to find. He truly is a God who shows Himself. His truths are richly woven into the fabric of all creation. Our greatest insight into the very heart and mind are the Scriptures, but to find the real treasure, we must dig deep into the remote recesses of the Rock himself. One thing you will most certainly discover is the deeper you dig, the deeper He gets. In all eternity we will never be able to plumb the depths of God. It is my hope that perhaps through my own search for that 'Treasure above all Treasures' you will find something which will have some meaning for you. R.Whelan

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Ponder this one. . . . Think of the worst of human nature that you have ever seen. The rapes, the murder, the incest, the brutality and so much more. Think how you cringed at the sight and the sound of it. How you recoiled with disgust and fear. Now imagine being thrust into the midst of that kind of evil for all eternity.  You have caught a glimpse through a dark veil of all that Hell is.  Now let the realization sink into your heart, your soul and your mind, that this darkness, this evil, is what you are choosing for your eternal dwelling place each time you reject the call of God. Rachel Whelan © 2004 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Life is an endless succession of choices . . . decisions. We can evaluate, analyze and come to conclusions about what is right, but there is such a possibility of error on our part. It seems imperative to me that we should depend upon God’s wisdom to make those choices.  Rachel Whelan © 2004 


When we leave this world there are only two ways to go.
We can go to the light, or we can go to the darkness.
We can go with what is good, or we can go with what is evil.
We can go to God,  or we can go with Satan.
We must make the choice in this life which way we will go. 
Which path we will choose. 
You cannot avoid the choice.
As the old saying goes, 
Not to choose is to choose. 
For myself, I am tired of the darkness.
I am sickened by the evil I see around me. 
The evil which Satan has caused and which men have loved.  
I have seen enough in this world to know which way I choose to go.

Rachel Whelan © 2004 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Let my whole life be a prayer, Lord
That’s lifted up to Thee
Every thought
Every word
Every breath I breathe
Let my whole life be a prayer, Lord
And let my prayer be heard
Even if for all my days
I never speak a word

Rachel Whelan © 2004 

Monday, July 14, 2014


Dear Lord,
I’m lost
And tired
And frightened
I’m standing somewhere in the middle
Afraid to step in either direction
For fear I’ll choose the wrong way
Yet afraid of standing still
For fear my chance for life will pass me by
I’m lost
In need of someone to show me the way
And somewhere in the distance
In all the darkness that surrounds me
I know You are there with outstretched hands
Waiting to lead me home
So at times like now, Lord
When I need you most
Give me the strength to reach out
To take Your hand
Because I am weak
I am tired
And I want to come home

Rachel Whelan © 1973

Sunday, October 20, 2013

THE CHRIST KILLERS (It Takes One to Know One)

Christ Killers - Many people, at least since the days of Hitler, have used this term for the Jewish people. They have used it as a rationale for their hatred and persecution of the Jews for generations, and in a way, I suppose, they are right. The Jewish leaders of that day, with the approval of many of their people, did indeed kill Christ, but then, so did we all.

Scriptures tell the story of the woman who was pulled into the city streets and how many of the people who had gathered around the scene wanted to stone her, to kill her, because of her sin. Yet Jesus quietly, brilliantly, came to her aid. Though He did not look at them, He looked into the very heart of every one of them. He saw their sin in all its ugliness. The sin, hopefully, no one else knew about. The sin they tried to conveniently forget. Jesus looked straight into their souls and said. ‘Let anyone of you who is without sin cast the first stone.’ One by one they dropped the stones, shamed, with no defense before God, or man, they turned and walked away.

And so it is today, Christ looks into our souls and says the same thing. 'Let those of you who are without sin, those of you whose life is so perfect that you feel you have no need of a sacrifice to cover your sin, come forth.' Go ahead, cast the first stone at the Jewish people. Any takers? Not if you are honest. It's always easier to blame others, isn't it. Not to take our share of the responsibility for something gone wrong.
Never let yourself forget, that we have all sinned. We all have that ugly side of ourselves. The side that demands us to seek God's forgiveness. The ugly side that is in desperate need of a sacrifice to cover it.
Everyone of us is responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. Everyone of us created the situation that brought Christ into this world to be the sacrifice for sin. The sin of all mankind, not just some of us. Because of our sin, we are all, every son and daughter of Adam, Christ Killers.© 2011 Rachel Whelan

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Many people, on all sides of the political spectrum, are criticizing Texas Gov. Rick Perry for the prayer rally he pulled together this past weekend. They all have their opinions, so I figure I might as well throw mine in as well.

I believe there is no wrong time to call on the Lord in prayer, I don't care who you are. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the same people who are constantly calling for separation of church and state, who are thereby attempting to compartmentalize peoples' lives, are the same ones who would hold to the theory that it's okay to cheat on your spouse, because in their minds they can justify their acts by telling themselves that 'one thing has nothing to do with the other'. What you believe is who you are and, of course, it necessarily affects everything you think and do.

This country was founded by men who understood that principle. Men who understood that God reigns supreme in the affairs of men and called upon Him for His mercy, wisdom and providence in their decisions. Men who understood that you cannot govern a people who could not, would not, admit that there was an authority higher than themselves and those who would rule over them and who would not willingly submit to that authority. When men turn their backs on God and become a law unto themselves you do not have government, you have anarchy. Every man doing what is right in his own eyes.

Well, I say kudos to Gov. Perry. Whatever you think of him, he at least seems to know where to look for the answers to the problems that beset this country and the world. He is willing to admit he is not the smartest person in the room and call on the God who both can and will do something to turn our situation around if we will only humble ourselves and pray and seek His face.

The Scriptures say that wherever there is life there is hope, and the way I see it, if twelve men from Galilee can turn the world upside down just think of the effects that thirty-thousand plus people on their knees can have. © 2011 Rachel Whelan